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Her Meneutics Transformed

Shrine for Susan Sontag's:

"Against Interpretation"

Text to the Author:

Susan: The content of this work is your word-ideas, it needs no interpretation; the form (morphing) has no purpose other than what it is, a shrine to not just your essay but to your time.  What was true in 1964, --material plenitude, overproduction and crowdedness-- has in the ensuing years become magnified to perversity, our sensory faculties are no longer just dull, they are deadened.  In an attempt to generate that ‘erotics of art’, artworld has embraced a Cult-of-the-New, thereby proliferating, rather than delimiting, interpretation.  With each new form attempting to engulf its predecessor, and the whole construct being consumed by commercial-world (interpreted as a selling device), a visual poverty proliferates, causing yet another rationale for yet another metaphoric explanation.  Unbeknownst to you (and how could you have), the very trait you identified has become the signature of our lifetime.  This piece then is to your insight and the action it began.  Now, rather than entropic Form, we need sacramental Introspection.



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