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Stephen Dubov is currently the artist in residence at Atelier 3-D.  He took his BFA in sculpture at the Kansas City Art Institute, and his MFA at Stanford. He was tenured at Sonoma State University where he taught both drawing and sculpture. Over the last 40 years he has generated a large body of non-traditional steel, plastic, ceramic, glass and paper works which can be seen on his websites. His work is in public and private collections across the country.

C/V:  BFA sculpture 1965, Kansas City Art Institute, MFA sculpture 1967, Stanford University. Tenured Sonoma State University, professor of drawing and sculpture




Kansas City Art Institute, BFA in Sculpture, 1965

Stanford University, MFA in Sculpture, 1967



Teaching Experience:

Tenured Professor: University of California at Sonoma, professor of drawing and sculpture

Artist-in-Residence and Sculpture Instructor: Austin Sculpture Academy, Austin, TX

Artist-in-Residence and Sculpture Instructor: The Austin Sculpture Center, Austin, TX

Atelier 3-D Sculpture Studio chief instructor, 3-D Methods, Austin, TX



Professional Experience:

Founding member of Art On The Way, nonprofit, Austin, TX

Founding Member of Atelier 3-D Sculpture Studio, Austin, TX



Received Grants: 

City of Austin Texas, Cultural Arts Division; Kansas City Art Institute; Stanford Univ.; Univ. of New Mexico; the Carl Djerassi Foundation; The Mortimer Levintree Foundation; Univ. of Calf. Commission for Public Art; the Archdiocese of Kansas City.



Recent Commissions:

Temple Beth Shalom, Austin, TX; CoStar Group, Austin, TX; The Dubov-Flinns, Silver Springs, MD; The Holmans, Austin, TX; CharlieUniformTango, Austin, TX; Ms. Gottlieb, Houston, TX



Experience Collaborating with Architects:

Partner in AKArt, a joint venture; Barton Barriers, a 12ft x 14ft x 160ft plastic and steel sculpture for Art On The Way.; a 3ft x 6ft x 8ft steel sculpture for the Kansas City Art Institute; a 5ft x 5ft x 9ft steel sculpture for the Kansas City Archdiocese; a 6ft x 7ft x 12ft steel and glass sculpture for the Univ. of New Mexico Art Museum; a 8,000 pound stainless steel and corten sculpture for the Univ. of California at Sonoma; a 20ft steel sculpture for the Stanford Museum of Art.


Select Shows and Exhibitions 1964-2000

Ball State, Teacher's College Museum, Muncie, IN 1964
University of Kansas Gallery, Lawrence, KS 1964
Mid America Annual, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO 1965
Dallas Museum Gallery, Dallas, TX 1965
St. Louis Arts Center, St. Louis, MO 1965
Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas City, KS 1965
University of Tennessee Gallery, Knoxville, TN 1966
Stanford University Gallery, Stanford, CA 1966
University of Syracuse Museum, Syracuse, NY 1967
University of New Mexico Fine Arts Center, Albuquerque, NM 1967
Arizona State University Annual Art Show, Tempe, AZ 1967
Abilene Art Museum, Abilene, TX 1968
University of Victoria Gallery, Victoria, B.C. 1969
Worcester State Art Gallery, Worcester, MA 1970
Topeka Museum Gallery, Topeka, KS 1970
Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA 1971
Aspen Annual, Aspen, CO 1971
Mills College Art Gallery, Oakland, CA 1971
Utah Museum, Salt Lake, UT 1973
Sonoma State Museum, Rohnert Park, CA 1974
Quay Gallery, San Francisco, CA 1975
Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO 1976
Sonoma State Art Museum, Rohnert Park, CA 1978
Project Artaud, San Francisco, CA 1978
Upstairs Books, San Francisco, CA 1979
M.H. de Young Museum, San Francisco, CA 1980
Club Foot, San Francisco, CA 1980
DV8, San Francisco, CA 1980
Outside, New Orleans, LA 1980
Theater Artaud, San Francisco, CA 1981
End/Time, Berkeley, CA 1982
Gallery 16, San Francisco, CA 1983
Stanford Museum, Stanford, CA 1988
Spectrum Gallery, San Francisco, CA 1994
Marin County Civic Center, CA 1997
Water Dragon Gallery, San Rafael, CA 1999



Select Shows and Exhibitions 2000-2016

Mill Valley Sculpture Center, Mill Valley, CA 2001
Austin Sculpture Center, Austin, TX 2003
Sculpture Academy of Austin Gallery, Austin, TX 2004
Greater Austin Ceramics Artists, Austin, TX 2005
University of Texas of the Permian Basin, Odessa, TX 2005
Chinati Annual Festival, Marfa, TX 2005
Hill Country Arts Museum, Ingram, TX 2006
Art Alliance, Austin, TX 2006
Atelier 3-D Sculpture Garden, Austin, TX 2006  
Chinati Annual Festival, Marfa, TX 2006
UTSA Gallery, San Marcos, TX 2007
Chinati Annual Festival, Marfa, TX 2007
Scanlan Gallery, Austin, TX 2007
Austin Art Start Tour, Austin, TX 2007
Metro House, Austin, TX 2008
Brocca Gallery, Austin, TX 2008
Art in Public Places, Austin City Hall, Austin, TX 2008
Museum of Fine Arts Austin, Austin, TX 2008
The 5 X 7 Austin Museum of Art, Austin TX 2008
Georgetown Public Library, Georgetown TX 2008
The Pump Project Gallery, Austin, TX 2008
Inman Gallery, Houston, TX  2008
Dunn & Brown Gallery, Dallas, TX  2008
Arthouse, Austin, TX  2008
Christopher’s Gallery, Marfa, TX 2008
TSOS at the Crossings, Austin, TX 2009
Bella Creo, Bearne TX, 2009
Arthouse, Austin, TX 2009
Craighead & Green Gallery, Dallas TX  2009
Austin Galleries, Austin TX 2009
E.A.S.T. Show, Austin, TX  2009
The Peoples Gallery, Austin City Hall, Austin, TX 2010
Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Austin, TX 2010
Art On The Way, Barton Barriers, Austin, TX 2010
Telos, Butridge Gallery, Austin, TX 2010
Telos, 727 Gallery, Austin, TX 2010
Curious Room Summer Show, Flatbed Press, Austin, TX 2010
A Touch of Class, E4 Gallery, Austin, TX 2010
Atelier 3-D, East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX 2011
Framers Gallery, Georgetown, TX 2011
Laura Rathe Gallery, Houston, TX 2012
Master Glass, RO2 Gallery, Dallas, TX 2012

Art + Artisans, Austin, TX 2013

Lux Designs, Austin, TX 2015

The People's Gallery, Austin City Hall, Austin, TX 2015


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